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Beijing China Tank Industry Co., Ltd engaged in filament winding research for a long time. Technical experts of CTC applied themselves to composite material R&D for more than 20 years. By research on increasing fiber strength transfer percent, fiber wrapping tension controlling, fiber winding orbit controlling and so on, CTC has excellent fiber winding technology and the composite cylinders’ performance is stable, burst pressures’ difference is less than 5%.To promote wide adoption of aluminum liner carbon fiber full wrapped composite gas cylinder, which own so many advantages such as safety, and reduce the cost of composite gas cylinder. Beijing China Tank Co., Ltd utilizes its own high performance and achievements in scientific research on carbon fiber winding, carries out study on large–tow carbon fiber, and formed its own unique large-tow carbon fiber wrapping technology. The CNG cylinders from CTC that use this technology meet also the requirements of ISO11439 standard.

Filament Winding